Senin, 26 Juli 2010

An evaluation : A poem for me

When I remember what I`ve done
Feeling ashame with all creation
Never come to my mind
kinds of act that make me worse
than the devil in the base of earth
When I remember what I`ve said
It`s like shedding waste on my face
Just talk a lot with no real act
Do like a liar of big mouth
What a disgusting person I am
Look at the devil`s fang
Who laugh on us with the loud shout
Look at the devil`s eyes
Which shedding tears
Tears of happiness
because we do it everytime again and again.
they say " go on brotha!", you're one of us now
I cry..cry loudly though no one ever heard
I dont know whether my tears can wipe out
many mistakes that I've done..cont'd