Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010


To improve the quality of hospital care, a hospital leaders should consider the hospital information system, one of them by putting the power of medical record and health information in each and every part of the unit medical record, in the outpatient clinic, inpatient unit.
Indeed, at this time of the medical records are still rarely encountered in the hospital, although there was only one or two people, and even then only placed at the registration. It would be nice tetnaga utilization of medical record and health information is used in some or each section in each unit of service at the hospital.

The problems that exist in hospitals at present, among other less sustainable system of information generated by the hospital. This is due to one of them by the human resources section in particular inadequate information / health informatics. Therefore in order placement Advised to HR / must match the existing needs in the hospital. Indeed, at this time in the hospital, especially in the clinic and inpatient wards there are some hospitals that already use computerized, but there are still manual. But for those hospitals that have implemented systems or komputerias in inpatient wards are still operated or its user is a nurse or midwife, what result? The information generated is accurate and informative. Because the nurse or midwife's workload is too heavy and so much work to input data and measures less than the maximum