Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

Banjir Pengunjung ke Blog Anda

Seorang teman pernah bercerita cara sederhana untuk meningkatkan lalu lintas web yang efektif. Kami menggunakan formula ini
t = v1 + t2
t = Jumlah lalu lintas yang akan mendapatkan blog Anda dalam satu hari
v1 = Jumlah pengunjung ke blog Anda dalam satu hari
t2 = Jumlah pengunjung yang memiliki v1
Mungkin ada pertanyaan pada pikiran Anda (seperti saya sebelumnya), sehingga bacalah artikel ini dengan hati-hati jika Anda ingin blog Anda banjir pengunjung.

To increase our web traffic there is a wise sentence which says that "Honesty is the Best Strategy". The point is the true concept of honesty can increase traffic better the super complicated concept offered by the master SEO.
With the this simple concept of increased traffic , it is possible to get a free visit from web walker without difficulty thinking of a promotion or SEO is for most bloggers beginners (like me) can say very complicated and difficult.
Then how to increase your blog traffic? Its very easy...
1. Create a post like this of my articles. Page title should equal to this post, but enough for introductory sentence (introductory sentence for first-passage-which is not the same as this article) and then you can copy and paste (start of sentence START COPY). The reason why the phrase DO THE SAME with the introduction of this article is that our articles be unique, where the search robots like the articles that have unique content.
2. After you post your article, make "SUPER SPECTACULAR SENTENCE" on your blog easily seen by visitors blog. For Example: FLOODING YOUR WEB WITH VISITOR or READ HERE or read from my friend's blog
3. Then fill the URL for READ HERE with your URL address of this article and READ THE BLOG ON MY FRIENDS articles filled with the URL of your friend who recommended this way. (Remember, the contents of the URL with the URL page article and NOT TO BLOG URL!).
4. Done!
What is t = v1 + t2?
• t = Number of traffic that will get your blog in a day
• v1 = Number of visitors to your blog in one day
• v2 = The number of visitors who have v1
• For example, our blog 50 daily visitors , and we all apply this concept (SUPER SPECTACULAR SENTENCE) correctly, and of 50 men each have 50 people all visitors from his blog, then we will likely web at visit 50 x 50 plus 50 people on that day = 2550 people, and will likely continue to increase day by day too, because every day there are always new visitors in the Internet world, every day there is also a blogger or a new web Internet world. PROVE UP ...
• For example, our blog has visitors 50 people in one day, and all of them implement this concept, then the web that day you will get 100 linkback to your website, a link to the (SUPER SPECTACULAR SENTENCE) and a link on my link in multiply 50. and will likely continue to rise day after day.
Can we do not be fair or honest with this concept, such as "remove all links of origin" and the contents of the website / blog of our own? Yes we can, and this concept will not be maximal to prove honesty is the best strategy. But I believe that we all do not want to drop ourself credibility by doing such a cheap acts like that.